Land is the future currency of the world

By Jonas Eckdhart


As the summer arrived, I decided to take a trip to the Middle East and look at the opportunities there. Not much to my surprise, the opportunities are vast and seemingly endless. The stunning metropolis are breathtaking and as soon as they fade away, you’re greeted by the most amazing and scenic landscapes panning thousands of miles covered in mountains and sand dunes.

As i worked out at a local gym around jeddah area, I wondered that surely the spoils of wealth can’t last forever, the commodities are slowly drying up and there isn’t enough paper money to go around for everyone. So how is it that we can expect to survive in the decades to come if the concept of currency – as we know it – were to finish?

The answer was simple. It was all around me. The one simple commodity that would always be there is land. Though limited, it is vast and can be controlled and apportioned. Unlike oil or water, it doesn’t dry up and if anything, it adds more value to the world based on what you actually put on that piece of land.


This, of course, is good and bad news. Where the option of owning land brings in a lot of opportunity. The misuse of such privilege can prove to be disastrous to millions of people i thought as i pushed harder in my jeddah gymnasium workout. Mismanagement and misappropriation of land among the people would most certainly mean that it is highly likely for a new elite to rise among people. The ones that scoop up the most land.

Instances of such practice can be seen already. Where the wealthy elite from the Middle East have acquired some of the most prime locations in Europe and Africa. They’re among the only few who can afford to take part in this game and they’re coming on top.

As i finished and left the gym for jeddah that night, i only hoped that my findings aren’t totally accurate and that the future of the world doesn’t totally rely on the ownership of land because in my opinion that would do more good than bad.

What the American real estate industry can learn from the Middle East

The real estate industry in the United States has slowly but surely recovered since the financial meltdown a few years back, that is not to say things are just as they were before. A lot of people lost their investments and life savings with the most hard hit areas being in the west around the states California, Arizona and Nevada. Despite this, the financial meltdown wasn’t solely an American crisis, it was indeed a global crises and countries around the world reacted in many different ways to combat this situation.

One of the better examples we have he the United Arab Emirates which is a country with real estate as one of it’s biggest exports (alongside tourism and oil). United Arab Emirates was hit just as bad as the United States when it comes to real estate during that time and saw an immediate halt in most of its ongoing construction and real estate projects. However unlike the United States, they seemed to come out of the crises in a more graceful and civilised manner. Why is that and what can the United States learn from countries like the United Arab Emirates. Click here for more information on real estate dubai.

The Credit Crunch

The biggest thing to take from the whole situation was obviously credit control. Where a country like the United Arab Emirates focuses on true currency value and tangible returns, the United States focused on an intangible growth in the form of loans and mortgages. What that resulted in was a large number of population buying assets using money they didn’t have and realistically had no real chance of returning it. Not only were people in debt for hundreds of thousands of dollars, they were stacking large interest on top of it which meant the problems were only getting worse for them. Ultimately somebody had to foot that bill and it would have to be the government. This couldn’t have come at a worse time for the United States as the real estate wasn’t the only industry that America needed to save, other industries were hit just as bad, namely the automotive industry where the United States holds a large stake in. dubai international real estate on the other hand was better off.

Diversifying Eggs and Baskets

The United Arab Emirates on the other hand focused on industries that didn’t need much saving, and by that we’re really talking about the tourism and entertainment industries. Don’t get us wrong, the United States has a big tourism industry as well but it’s stagnant whilst the industry in the United Arab Emirates constantly keeps growing with new destinations and attractions opening up left-right and center. So to ultimately make sure the United States hedges their risk in the future, we think it’s imperative that the government looks to reduce intangible leading and encouraging growth in lower-risk industries.

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Where to Find a Paralegal

Paralegals document, sort, list, photocopy. The paralegal might also hold hearings and meeting witnesses. Many entrylevel paralegals need to have a bachelor degree, and job openings may raise. A paralegal’s responsibilities are based on the the academic instruction and expertise as well as the business that the paralegal operates of the para-legal.

A lot of the para legal solutions are done immediately for the advantage of government worker, or an attorney, business-person. These providers help the company along with her or his responsibilities. A paralegal might also perform immediately using the customers of the attorney, creating forms and necessary agreements. Some paralegals, nevertheless, provide legal-services for those who cannot manage legal-services that are full. Common paralegal solutions include preparing corporate solutions, planning finances, including properties with will and trust strategies, as well as all kinds of documents.


Paralegals with an increase of business coaching employed in in a corporate environment may assist manage tax statements, investor contracts, stock-option plans, benefit plans, or insolvency filings. Records may be kept by some . The others can aid manage company deals.

With appropriate instruction, paralegals might draft wills and trusts, separation agreements. Para-legal solutions might prolong into property by assisting prepare tax statements and planning properties.

Paralegals make a several documents, including depositions, briefs, and motions. Motions request the test judge for specific opinions favorable to the staff of the attorney. Briefs are reviews that help the movement and explain. Depositions include interviews of witnesses ahead of the test starts. Each one of these records arranged and have to be listed, the para-legal must frequently enter right into a pc.

Since para-legal services frequently require paper work, it’s important that there be also a paralegal experienced in searching and arranging information, in addition to conducting interviews and investigation. Added instruction in each one of these abilities can be obtained at universities, schools, and coaching applications that are internet.

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